What is Grenov ?

Greenov is an international contest, conceived and carried out by young Moroccans. It aims to support young people who have innovative ideas to create and post-incubate their startups.

Open for graduate and post graduate students, and commited to eco-innovation, Greenov helps to bring to light innovative ideas or novel solutions that meets sustainability and low carbon economy challenges. The selection panel is composed of technical experts, socio-economic experts and prominent development actors.

Greenov 2016

Greenov is also




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Energy transition

  • Promote energy efficiency
  • Increase the share of renewables in the electricity market
  • Provide and facilitate energy access

Transport and mobility

  • Develop alternatives to private transport
  • Reduce vehicles emissions and enhance their energy efficiency
  • Promote clean energy for transport

Natural resources

  • Protect nature from further depletion
  • Offer sustainable solutions for water supply
  • Upgrade energy performance of waste treatment units and wastewater treatment plants


  • Develop irrigation systems
  • Preserve soils quality
  • Promote the use of bio pesticides and fertilizers


  • Foster the use of sustainable construction materials
  • Offer environmentally friendly construction methods
  • Increase energy efficiency of buildings


To be eligible :

  • You are a final year university student or graduate (bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in Science & Technology Studies).
  • You have an innovative idea or a novel solution that meet sustainability and low carbon economy challegens.
  • You believe that your idea is highly marketable.


End of subscriptions

Young people with innovative ideas willing to participate in Greenov 2016 challenge and satisfying the eligibility criteria are invited to return the filled form before the 15th June.

30th May

Announcement of Accepted submissions

Applications that present operational, reproducible projects appropriate to the Moroccan context, will be retained.

22nd June

Technical study submission

The technical study entails the addressed issue, the concept demonstration and the solution conception.

7th October

Technical approval

The qualified teams are going to be invited to take into consideration the jury comments and proposals for the rest of the contest.

24th October

Business plan submission

The detailed business model entails a market reaserch a fund and a marketing study.

25th December

Announcement of Greenov-Camp's participants

The selected teams will create their startup and participate in Greenov Camp.

16th January 2017


The camp is the finale stage of the selection procedure. It's an accelerated post-incubation stay.

13-17 February 2017

Awards giving ceremony

The finalists will pitch their project to a panel of experts. The winners will have 100 000 MAD injected in their startup capital.

18 February 2017

Our selection committee members :